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Movers - US Postal Service Guide
This handy guide will take you quickly and easily through the tedious process of organizing your move. (Provided by the US Postal Service web site)
City Utility Information
Change of Address With United States Post Office
Law Enforcement Information
5 Tax Tips for Homeowners
The More You Know:Top 4 Tips for Home Sellers
How to Generate Viable Offers and Start a Bidding War
Why Being Present at a Showing Can Hamper Your Sale
Keeping Your Home Safe When Selling
Selling In Winter? Chill Out - It Might Be Easier Than You Think
20 Tips for Selling Your Home -- Click Here to Read the Tips

Table of Contents
  • Make the Most of that First Impression
  • Invest a Few Hours for Future Dividends
  • Check Faucets and Bulbs
  • Don’t Shut Out a Sale
  • Think Safety
  • Make Room for Space
  • Consider Your Closets
  • Make Your Bathroom Sparkle
  • Create Dream Bedrooms
  • Open up in the Daytime
  • Lighten up at Night
  • Avoid Crowd Scenes
  • Watch Your Pets
  • Think Volume
  • Relax
  • Don't Apologize
  • Keep a Low Profile
  • Don't Turn Your Home into a Second-Hand Store
  • Defer to Experience
  • Help Your Agent